Allamakee County SWCD project helps landowners include conservation in land leases

The Allamakee County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) currently has a project to help landowners include conservation in their farm leases by updating their NRCS conservation plan(s) and plan maps to include them as an addendum to the farm lease. This free service is available to anyone in Allamakee County. Since there is an active watershed project in the Waterloo Creek Watershed, the SWCD would especially like to encourage Waterloo Creek landowners in both the Iowa and Minnesota portions of the watershed to consider participating in this project.  This project helps to facilitate discussion between the landowners and tenants regarding their goals and priorities for the land.  
By including a conservation plan and map in the lease, both the landowner and renter know where specific conservation practices should be installed and maintained.  By having this information written down and drawn out on a map, there is less confusion in the future.  Much of the land in Allamakee County is highly erodible (HEL) and producers are required to follow a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) approved conservation system on the HEL acres in order to be eligible for USDA Program benefits.
Those with an interest in participating in this project or who would like more information amy contact Sara Berges at the Allamakee SWCD by calling 563-568-2246 ext. 3, emailing, or by visiting the office at 635 9th St. NW in Waukon.