Lansing City Council re-appoints Marlene Duffy and Dave Pleasants to Parks Board

by B.J. Tomlinson


The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday night, December 1. Mayor pro-tem Rebecca Conway conducted the meeting.

The Council reviewed letters from Dave Pleasants and Marlene Duffy, who both expressed interest in serving additional five-year terms on the Parks Board. In her letter, Duffy said several projects have been completed but several more are planned, including trails, restrooms, swimming pool and Mt. Hosmer. She said, “The current Board is full of great ideas and foresight.” The Council voted to re-appoint the two candidates.

George TeKippe, representing Fehr Graham Engineering of West Union, the firm working with the Allamakee County Conservation Board, addressed the Council regarding the Allamakee County Visitor Center water and sewer project. He indicated that a plan has been discussed with People’s Service Representative Heath Draeger and Jim Janett, Director of Allamakee County Conservation, and that all parties are in agreement. Janett will be presenting the plan to the County Board December 2 for approval.

TeKippe said a six-inch water main will be dedicated from the Wastewater Treatment Plant back to the City; a line south from the treatment plant to the Visitor Center will be the responsibility of the County. He explained that the lines will be monitored for leakage via a valve and 3/4-inch meter, an arrangement that matches the other meters used by the City and approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). If a leak does occur, the County will be responsible for whatever expenses are incurred. A written agreement stating the terms will be provided. The Council will act on the matter after hearing an official response from the County.

Jerry Aperans, Street Superintendent, distributed an activity report. The Council and Aperans discussed street repairs resulting from construction and other residential projects or repairs. Aperans said such street repair costs are the responsibility of the property owner when such projects take place.

Police Chief Ed Stahl said extra officers will be available Saturday for anticipated Holiday Train parking issues.

Councilman Dick Roeder asked if Alliant Energy can use above-ground wire to connect to the street lights that are currently disconnected and not working. Aperans said he would contact Alliant Energy.

City Clerk Katie Becker said she received a letter from Alliant Energy, advising the City that since its facilities had not used enough energy to stay within its current billing level for usage, a tariff would be imposed during those months that the City’s energy usage did fall below required levels. Becker said the situation had developed because the People Service Department had turned off one of the blowers at the treatment facility; the solution seems to be turning the blower back on so that the tariff can be avoided.

In other business, the Council reviewed and approved a contract from WHKS Engineering Services for $32,000 related to the Clear Creek Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Improvement project.

The regular meeting was brought to conclusion. The Council then met in Closed Session to review and consider health insurance policy and union negotiations.