Lansing City Council votes down ordinance to allow golf cart use on city streets

by B.J. Tomlinson

The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday, April 20, first discussing a proposed golf cart ordinance. Mayor Mike Brennan admitted he is not in favor of the measure, citing safety issues and opposition by the Police Department and citizens in the community. Councilman Dick Roeder was concerned about underage drivers, racing, etc. After further discussion, the Council voted to deny approval of the ordinance. Mayor Brennan said that individuals who want to drive a golf cart in Lansing would have to get it licensed by the State Department of Transportation as a registered vehicle with license plates and other required equipment.

Street Superintendent Jerry Aperans reported that Mt. Hosmer and all public restrooms are now open. The next priority for the Street Department is to get the pool up and running. He also said the Marina is ready to but that the water lines will need to be “shocked” and water samples taken before use. The Council also approved turning on electricity at the Marina prior to May 1.

Heath Draeger, People Service Representative, presented a notebook outlining the standardized forms,  processes and procedures to be utilized by all contractors for excavating in town. The document provides all departments and individuals with the same information and that Contractors will be approved on an annual basis. He said this will be a transition year, and that a  final draft will be presented for addition to the City Code in 2016. Contractors will receive a letter advising them to pick up a notebook at the Clerk’s office.

The Council discussed the proposed 28E agreement between the Lansing and New Albin police departments. City Attorney Rick Zahasky will finalize contract details for further review by both City Councils.

The Council voted to approve the resignation of  Councilman Dave Darling. Mayor Brennan thanked Darling for his service, recognizing the good job and many hours he put in for the City. The Mayor reviewed replacement options, which include the Council appointing someone within 40 days or holding a special election. The appointee would serve the remaining two years of Darling’s original four-year term.  A notice of the vacancy will be published by the City Clerk and any interested citizens can submit their names for consideration.

Mayor Brennan opened a discussion concerning the City offices. He said the current building used by the City Clerk and Police Departments is in disrepair. There are leaks in the roof, the foundation wall is leaning in, there is water in the basement and the sewer line backed up last week. Brennan and EACSD Superintendent Dale Cozier have discussed use of the old middle school building as an alternative to repairing the current building.  The new facility would provide three times as much space as the current arrangement. After reviewing a proposed layout, the Council agreed to look into the matter further when more information is available.

Councilwoman Rebecca Conway reported there is a driveway torn up on the back side of the Old Stone School that becomes a muddy pit after rain and asked for an inquiry about repairs.

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