“Mysteries of the Driftless” documentary to be shown at Meehan Memorial Lansing Public Library May 14

Follow a team of explorers and scientists as they reveal the majesty and allure of the Driftless Area using a stunning combination of filmmaking and genuine adventure in the documentary, “Mysteries of the Driftless,” which will be shown at Meehan Memorial Lansing Public Library Thursday, May 14 at 7 p.m.
What strange forces spared one isolated region along the Upper Mississippi River from the repeated crushing and scouring effects of massive continental glaciers during the last 1.6 million years? What pre-Ice Age throwbacks survived here in this unique refuge that holds more Native America effigy mounds, petroglyph caves, strange geological features and rare species than anywhere in the Midwest?
A team of science filmmakers explore these questions and more in this captivating new adventure documentary about the Driftless Zone.
The team is led by two award-winning filmmaking scientists: biologist Rob Nelson and geologist Dan Bertalan. They are joined by authors Robert Boszhardt and James Theler, Ph.D., geography professor Jim Knox, Darcy Kind, Tim Yager,  Abbie Church, and  Armund Bartz who will also be at the showing at the library to answer questions.
“Mysteries of the Driftless” was created by Mississippi Valley Conservancy in partnership with Untamed Science, a group of scientists, educators and filmmakers who believe that learning about science should be fun and easy.
“We are so fortunate to live in the beautiful Driftless Region. It is an amazing and mystifying area,” said Carol Abrahamzon, executive director of Mississippi Valley Conservancy. “The film offers an incredible opportunity to showcase the natural and archaeological wonders amongst us in the bluffland region of this area.”

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