Letter to the Editor: Spreading the gospel to telemarketers

To the Editor:
Most churches are involved in some kind of missions work. Some send money, clothing, Bibles, people, or assist with whatever need could be helped. Some even take it upon themselves to go to other countries to help with building projects, doctoring, preaching the gospel, etc.
There is a massive mission field right here in the United States. I read a story years ago about an elderly lady who didn’t have much money and was unable to leave her home very often because of poor health. So what she did was open her phone book and started calling every name in it, page after page, telling whoever would listen about Jesus.
We used to get a lot of calls from various organizations wanting to sell us something. Three or four per day was common. Here is one way you can be a missionary. I do it and it accomplishes two things. It brings to the caller’s mind his or her savior’s name, and it isn’t long before they quit calling. It goes like this:
The phone rings and I answer it. A recorded voice tells me what they are selling and to push a certain number for a person to take my order. I push the button, a live person speaks with an accent that is usually hard to understand. He asks if I am who he wants to speak to. I say, “Yes. Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”
There is silence from the caller for three or four seconds. Usually the answer is yes, or they repeat themselves. Then I ask them if they know where Jesus was born. Answers vary - like Jerusalem, Egypt, or no. I then say, “He was born in Bethlehem. Do you know what country that city is in?” The answer they give is no. Then I tell them, “It is in Israel. Do you know what His native language was?” I get various answers, mostly no, if they haven’t hung up by now. I tell them it was Hebrew and He never heard anyone call Him Jesus, and that His name in Hebrew is Yahshua and it means “He is salvation” and His, yours and my father’s name is Yahweh, which means “salvation.” I thank them for listening and hang up.
It only takes about a minute and a half. During that minute and a half, they have heard the name of their savior and a very brief history of Him. The company doesn’t like it when we take their time away from making money. After they call a few times and they have lost money they quit calling. Every time they call I tell them the same thing, always to a different person. I keep it short because that person has to make a quota and make money also.
Most everybody celebrates Christmas, songs have been written about Yahshua, Jesus and His birth. Christmas, I was taught, is the celebration of His birthday. This year, His birthday will be about September 27. He wasn’t born December 25. Repent from your sins and confess them to Yahshua.

Nanfred and Judy Felke