Letter to the Editor: Grateful for roadside help

To the Editor:
Like many New Yorkers, my worst fear looks like this: Find yourself driving on a rural road at night, far from any town, with little or no cell service and no houses around, when all of a sudden you collide with a deer.
This is exactly what happened to me on Sunday night while driving from Marquette to Waukon on Highway 76, but before I could panic, a car pulled over and a man and a woman got out to help me.
They calmed me down, moved the deer to the side of the road and taped up my bumper so that I could keep driving until I got to a place where I could spend the night. They even gave me their extra roll of duct tape just in case the bumper came loose again.
Unfortunately, in my panic, I didn’t get their names. I hope this message reaches them so that they know how grateful I am for their help.

Antonia Farzan
New York, NY