Word for Word

by Rev. Steve Oden

Origins. The dictionary defines this word as a coming into existence or that in which something has its beginning; parentage, source. Original is defined as having to do with the first, earliest, never having occurred or existed before, fresh, new, novel; coming from someone as the originator, maker, or author.  
Origins is a very crucial subject, especially for us as human beings who live on this planet called Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy which is one of billions in this universe we call home. Why do we exist and why are we here anyway? What purpose and meaning is there for this thing called life? Does my life really matter? These are very important questions. Hopefully some of us are asking these relevant questions.  It’s amazing how we can get so caught up and focused in our everyday lives that we can fail to see the bigger picture and then lose perspective.
What we believe about our origins, where we came from and why, affects every aspect of how we live and view our lives as well as our world view. God, Creator and Author of your existence as well as everything in this universe, has not left us without answers for all these essential life questions and so much more. His very creation declares His existence as well as His Word, the Holy Bible.
Our church is hosting a Creation/Evolution and the Authority of Scripture Seminar coming up August 15 at Waukon New Life Christian Church. The seminar starts in the afternoon at 1 p.m. with three different sessions including the following: Scientific Evidence for Creation, Faith is Not a Four-Letter Word, and Dinosaurs and the Bible. The 7 p.m. session is entitled, Creation, Evolution and the Authority of Scripture.
Some of the questions Jay Seegert of Milwaukee, WI, co-founder of the Creation Education Center, will be addressing are: Why do most scientists believe in evolution? Has evolution been scientifically proven? Can we really take Genesis seriously? What should we teach our children? Is the Bible outdated and old-fashioned? Jay has degrees in Physics and Engineering and has been lecturing on the authority of Scripture for over 29 years.
God, the Bible, has answers to your questions. There is truth to be found if it will be sought out. Anymore you cannot believe everything you hear, read and are taught. Just a little foretaste of what Jay will be sharing. How do we know the Bible to be true? It’s scientifically accurate - the more science discovers, the more it is proven true. Historically, the more that’s discovered archaeologically, the more it’s proven true. It is prophetically accurate - hundreds of prophecies have come to pass.  And finally, its continuity. The Bible, written over centuries with 66 books and 40 different authors, has a continuity that is nothing short of supernatural and miraculous.  
Our hope is that you can attend this seminar to find answers,  to strengthen your faith and increase your knowledge of the truth. Everyone is welcome to attend. This seminar is free.