EACSD Board prepares for new school year

by Susan Cantine-Maxson

The Eastern Allamakee Community School District held its regular board of directors meeting Monday, August 17. The Board approved the agenda, the minutes of the July meeting, bills, the financial statement and customary authorizations.
In new business, the Board reviewed and approved a contract revision for Stephanie Runkle from eight hours per day to four hours daily, as per her request, and approved a contracted course stipend for concurrent courses through Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) for Tiffanie Peters and Ray Rankin. The Board also approved the school treasurer’s report and the appointment of school attorneys as in previous years, Brian Gruhn Law Firm of  Cedar Rapids Swisher and Cohrt of Waterloo. The Board appointed the following bank depositories: Kerndt Brothers Savings Bank (Lansing); New Albin Savings Bank (New Albin), and Iowa School Cash Anticipation Program, Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust and Bankers Trust Company, all of Des Moines. Approval was also given to a 28E Agreement with NICC for concurrent courses, the same as the previous year, as well as to appointment of Board Secretaries/Business Managers Janet Heiderscheit and Marian Verdon.
In Administrative Reports, three board members will be up for re-election this fall, including Bruce Palmborg in District 2, Bobbi Goetzinger in District 1, and Kelli Mudderman, At-Large. Voting will take place September 8 and all three members will be running unopposed.
New Albin Elementary Principal Chad Steckel reported that the New Albin elementary building is ready for school, with many teachers preparing for the first day. A second pre-K (four year old) room has been added since there will be 28 students in that program, an increase of 10 students from last year. A part time para-professional will need to be hired at the elementary level. Kindergarten enrollment may be up one or two students.
As Activities Director, Steckel said that the football and volleyball practices have begun with approximately 30 participants on each team. The New Albin Improvement League is sponsoring a  5K run this Saturday, August 22. He will encourage staff and faculty to participate since the registration fees are earmarked to help students with school supplies.
Keep High School Principal Mary Hogan reported that she recently gave a tour of the school to the 50-year class reunion alumni and they were favorably impressed. From preliminary numbers during registration, there will possibly be up to eight new students at middle school/high school, but the official count is not taken until later in the fall. New concurrent courses in welding, business and computer are being offered. Currently, the high school offers 18 concurrent courses through NICC. The building, faculty and staff are ready for the new school year to begin August 24.
Superintendent Dr. Dale Crozier and Principal Hogan met with City of Lansing officials, finalizing details of the City’s rental of portions of the old middle school. The City is in need of new offices because it would be too costly to remodel the current city hall. Attorneys are looking at the agreement. This should be a mutually beneficial situation for both the City and the school district. The City will pay rent to the district and will incur any costs associated with remodeling. In addition, the City will be responsible for snow removal. When the final agreement has been reached, both the Board and City Council will need to approve the agreement.
Dr. Crozier made the Board aware that because the school calendars of both the MFL/MarMac and Eastern Allamakee districts are almost identical this year, there may be times when the he will be unable to attend both districts’ functions and events. He also reported that the current financial situation looks strong, but the Board needs to be ever watchful of enrollment and how it affects the overall budget.