East Elementary students experience environmental education outside the classroom

Fourth grade students from East Elementary School in Waukon took a field trip Wednesday, September 30 to Waukon City Park where Ross Geerdes, Allamakee County Conservation Naturalist, led students in a series of activities designed to enhance lessons already being taught in the classroom. In the first activity of the day, entitled “Oh Deer!” (part of which is pictured above), students learned about how habitat and the predator/prey relationship affect the population of deer. Students pictured above were representing the habitat needs for wildlife, including shelter (hands peaked over their heads), food (hands held against their stomachs) and water (hand held to their mouth), and were selected by other students representing the deer population until no longer available in an effort to provide further learning impact for the activity. Other activities throughout the day taught the students about soil formation, aquatic species in Indian Springs Pond (crayfish, leopard frogs, dragonfly nymphs and various tadpoles), and various species of trees and plants encountered during a nature hike/scavenger hunt through the park. Geerdes will also be visiting the fourth grade classrooms for lessons on mammals in Iowa that will feature furs and skulls. The Allamakee County Conservation Board provides environmental education programs to all schools serving Allamakee County free of charge, including programs in the classroom or assistance with field trips and park visits. Some of the activities offered besides those mentioned above include fishing, snowshoeing, GPS navigation, live animal exhibits with turtles, salamanders, frogs and toads, as well as many other programs. Standard photo by Bob Beach.