Waukon High School graduate Musty Habhab honored as Administrator of the Year by U of M School of Medicine

Masada (Musty) Habhab, a 1981 graduate of Waukon High School and the daughter of Marlene Habhab of Waukon, was honored as the 2015 Administrator of the Year at the annual Faculty and Staff Awards Dinner for the University of Michigan School of Medicine in Ann Arbor, MI. Habhab currently serves as Chief Administrative Officer for the school's Department of Internal Medicine, a position she has held since being appointed in 2010.
In 1986, Habhab was hired as a junior accountant to be part of the University of Michigan Hospital's finance team. Since then, the hospital has grown to serve hundreds of thousands from around the world, and the once-junior accountant has now become the lead administrator for the largest department in the Medical School.
Habhab is credited with using her considerable  financial acumen and strong managerial skills to guide a department with 750 faculty members in 12 subspecialties ranging from allergy and immunology to rheumatology.
“I’ve had so many wonderful experiences here - I love my job, and the people I work with,” Habhab said in response to receiving the award. “I work with faculty and staff who are extremely dedicated and committed to the Department of Internal Medicine and the Health System. I really enjoy helping others and this position gives me the opportunity to help our faculty, staff and patients in countless ways.”
Her nominators say Habhab continually challenges herself and others to strive for operational excellence. To do this, she has created an environment focused on continual advancement. This includes working with the Of ce of Faculty Development to help create a leadership development program for faculty and staff - the Linkage Leadership Academy - that teaches valuable leadership skills.
Leadership and other skills development are important to Habhab, and she tells younger colleagues: “Take advantage of opportunities to develop your skills, and support others in doing the same. Go and learn about your unit; meet the faculty and staff, hear what they do, learn about their challenges and how you can help them.”
Habhab sits on the Michigan Medical Group and Health System finance and capital committees, and is playing an integral role in the Value Margin Improvement Project. Off-campus, she is incoming president of her national association, the Administrators of Internal Medicine.
“She has been a great partner in furthering our large and complex department, and to make it highly successful in its tripartite mission, and successful for every one of our faculty and staff,” shared John M. Carethers, M.D., a John G. Searle Professor and chair of the University of Michigan Department of Internal Medicine, who nominated Habhab for the award.
Shon Dwyer, R.N., M.B.A., acting executive director of University Hospitals, and senior associate director for operations and clinical services, also reflected on her work with  Habhab. “She is an accomplished administrator, a respected role model, and walks the walk to build a positive and productive work environment across the department,” Dwyer remarked.