Cost share available for chemical multiflora rose control through NRCS

“We are approaching the prime time to spray multiflora rose and Canada thistle here in Allamakee County. The best time to spray multiflora rose is when it is in full bloom,” says Megan Waechter, Soil Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Waukon.

According to an ISU Extension article by Dr. Bob Hartzler, “Late spring is an excellent time for controlling multiflora rose since herbicide application at this time generally provides more consistent control than applications made later in the growing season after flowering.” A few effective herbicides suggested in the article include Crossbow, Cimmaron Max, and Remedy Ultra. He notes that many of the active ingredients in these herbicides may be sold under different trade names.

Waechter explains that to be successful in controlling rose it is important to make treatment a part of a long-term land management plan and to incorporate both chemical and mechanical methods. 

Cost share through Allamakee County is available for spraying of multiflora rose. The reimbursement is 25% of the cost for the herbicide. Contact the NRCS office for more information 563-568-2246, ext. 3.

“As for Canada thistle, the best time to spray is right before or soon after buds begin to develop,” says Waechter. According to Brian Lange, ISU Extension Agronomist, “ISU Extension research trials in eastern Iowa found that spring applications (late May to early June) of herbicides provide better control of Canada thistle than fall applications…”

Waechter explains that persistence is necessary to control perennials such as Canada thistle. “This is due to its extensive and durable root system that makes it so difficult to kill with a single application. Suggested herbicide programs proven effective include those containing clopyralid and picloram. Both of these ingredients are readily taken up by the roots for a more effective kill.”