Letter to the Editor: It’s your choice to watch, or not

To the Editor:

There is a video made by a veterans organization for viewing on the web (http://www.salon.com/2017/02/06/votevets-calls-out-president-trump-by-na...) and on television, free for the nation to watch and for your local representatives in Des Moines to watch who want to take away healthcare for seriously wounded veterans for a Bush-Cheney war and people who dodged the draft over and over. And now the party in power wants to take away healthcare, known as Obama Care, for these seriously wounded and PTSD combat veterans.

So, it’s your choice to watch or not. Many of you were duped in favor of war, duped to follow a misguided, misinformed, untruthful leader who favors Putin instead of you, fellow Iowans. You were duped to believe they could take your guns away, which was and is still a lie and can’t happen without a 50-state favorable vote and a change to the Constitution. So, they just duped you again.

You’re a long way from who and what you thought you were getting by draining the swamp. Instead, it got filled up with alligators who each are worth billions, so you just have to live with what and who you voted for.

And, no, Sunday Mass is not the place to try and convince me that our nation’s leader is not who he really is and has been proven to be in video and his own words, time after time.

For those of you who voted for this nation’s fearless leader, who is a five-time draft dodger but says he loves war, you have been clearly duped over and over, as he has a history with teenage girls and young women. Unless you are like many in this area who must be in love with this man and use religion and the name of God and Planned Parenthood to try and dupe you.

But is the moon religious? No. Are these people who claim to be, as religious as they want you to believe? Absolutely, no. Like fake news, these people are also fake and would take your last dime, and that’s a proven fact, while at the same time taking away your sons’ or daughters’ Obama Care healthcare, which could mean life or death for that child. So!

Pat Ward


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