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Letter to the Editor: Looking for real morals in our government

To the Editor:

Mr. Quandahl is living in a world of  wrong facts, according to his latest letter. His president lost the popular vote by almost three million votes, not a landslide victory.

He expects you to trust what he says to be the gospel truth, but let me tell you he is a long way off from the gospel and uses Christians  and Evangelical values and morals as his passport to another world. Whether a man or woman, it’s hard to believe that someone believes that he or she is pure and has morals and is working their way to heaven but still votes for an alleged lifetime sexual  predator, a lifetime liar who is reported to be tied in with Russia and Putin, and who has a cabinet member who reportedly launders money for Russia.

But neither Mr. Quandahl, nor Kristi Hager, nor one-time Republican candidate Lowell Engle will ever mention these facts, which are true. Go ahead and check, but I think you also were duped.

In just two weeks’ time, Hager and the Republican party in Des Moines ran roughshod and closed and stripped Luster Heights bare, leaving those families out in the cold. Luster Heights was pretty much self-sufficient. Your Republican representatives now will have to hire people at much, much higher wages to do the work, as the prisoners worked for five dollars a day, so there goes your tax dollars.

This is just a little that happens when the GOP has the power. They work for the well-off and the rich and not the poor nor the middle class, and now you can see what you got thanks to Hager, Iowa’s soon to be ex-governor and your GOP. I really can’t call these people liars, but you can use your own imagination. I think maybe they should look for their real morals and not use religion as a crutch or to stretch the facts. Amen.

Pat Ward


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