What's up at the FSA Office?

by Jeremey Leitz, Allamakee County Executive Director (563) 568-2148

Upcoming Deadlines and Important Dates
• May 15 - August 1: Primary Nesting Season - No Mid-Contract Management Activities on CRP acres   
• May 31 - Marketing Assistance Loans for Prior Year Harvested Corn and soybeans
• August 1 - ARC/PLC Sign-up

Breaking New Ground
Agricultural producers are reminded to consult with FSA and NRCS before breaking out new ground for production purposes. Doing so without prior authorization may put a producer’s federal farm program benefits in jeopardy. This is especially true for land that is determined to be highly erodible (HEL) or is considered wetlands and are subject to the HELC or Wetland Conservation provisions.

Producers with HEL determined soils are required to apply tillage, crop residue and rotational requirements as specified in their conservation plan.

Producers should notify FSA as a first point of contact prior to conducting land clearing or drainage type projects. Landowners and operators must complete form AD-1026 (Highly Erodible Land Conservation and Wetland Conservation Certification) to identify the proposed action which allows FSA and NRCS to assist you in determining if your project will be compliant and not risk eligibility for benefits. 

Marketing Loans - Reminder
Grain that is under loan, or “sealed” as many producers call it, must be repaid or released for sale prior to moving the bushels out of storage for sale or feed use. Unauthorized disposition results in possible penalties and administrative actions. Remember to “call before you haul” and we can discuss your options and forms that you may need to sign. Phone the FSA office at (563) 568-2148.

Vicky Hinsenbrock Retirement
Vicky has been with the Farm Service Agency for 40 years, and is currently the Farm Loan Manager stationed in Winneshiek County.  Though she is stationed there, she also serves the producers of Allamakee and Fayette counties.  Vicky’s last day with the agency was April 3.  Everyone at the Allamakee Co FSA office will miss her and her dedicated service to the farmers of the area, but we wish her happiness in retirement!  Congratulations Vicky!

For questions or more information about any FSA programs, call (563) 568-2148 or visit the Allamakee FSA county office.