Lansing City Council hears proposals on Clear Creek Project and water treatment options

by Macie Hill

The Lansing City Council met in regular session Monday, February 5. Discussion centered around an engineering proposal for the Clear Creek Project and a WHKS radium proposal.

John Beiderman was at the meeting proposing a FEMA-approved Clear Creek project which involved creating a new gravity main with a lift station. Beiderman stated that, “By redoing the gravity line as it crosses under the creek and getting that significantly deeper, the erosion problem should go away with the depth we will be at.” This plan would cost approximately $406,383. Discussion by the council concerning this proposal will be held at a future meeting.

Kevin Graves with WHKS was present at the meeting and proposed two water treatment options which included a chemical treatment plan using Hydrous Manganese Oxides and a plan using Ion Exchange. The treatment plan WHKS recommended was the chemical treatment plan using Hydrous Manganese Oxides, or HMOs. This option would require installing one three-celled horizontal pressure filter or many vertical pressure filters which would be additional to the chemical feed equipment that is needed for the HMO formation.

City of Lansing Well No. 4 does not presently have a building to house this feed equipment, so constructing a new treatment building was included in the proposal. The suggested location for the treatment facility is near Well No. 4 to reduce piping needs and use land the City already owns. Well No. 4 is located about 400 feet south of the swimming pool driveway.

This proposed treatment facility would also include a pumping system that has a treated water storage tank and two high service pumps that will get the treated water from the building to the existing distribution system. In order to join Well No. 4 to the treatment facility, the existing well would have to be demolished and a pitless adapter would be installed on the current well casing.

All of the equipment that is currently being used and is in good condition will be relocated to the new treatment building where it could be useful. The total cost of this proposal is planned to be approximately $1,360,000. The council will have further discussion about the proposed treatment plan in a future meeting.

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