And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that in The Waste Land, poet T.S. Eliot describes April as “the cruelest month.” It’s early yet, but that could be true this year. At any rate, spring will be a little late this year.

I think I am right, and that justices of the Supreme Court take the oath of office which includes the phrase “support and defend the constitution of the United States.” So it is confusing to me how retired justice John Stevens could advocate doing away with the second amendment.

And how sitting Justice Ruth Ginsburg could warn the Egyptians not to base their first constitution on the flawed American model.

In other words neither supporting nor defending.

There’s an old saying in farm country that you never want to confront a pig in a muddy sty, because after the conflict, you will wind up muddy and dirty, and the pig will have enjoyed it.

That’s sort of the way I felt after watching a couple clips of the Anderson Cooper interview with the porn star who says she had a one-night stand with the current president Donald Trump a decade or more ago. Cooper offered some extremely descriptive questions and observations, which the sex movie performer handled with practiced aplomb and ease, aware that the notoriety would add value to her act.

The fact that this, and other, accusations have arisen should probably not surprise anyone. Recent history, and perhaps ancient history for that matter, seems to confirm that the people we elect to high office are as susceptible to making bad personal choices as are ordinary citizens.

The difference is the added aphrodisiac of power.

There may be some consolation that this time, the alleged inappropriate action came before the accused president was in office.

That wasn’t the case with President Clinton and the intern in the Oval Office.

Nor with President Kennedy in the White House pool and master bedroom with the college girl.

On the sports scene, basketball teams from Catholic colleges dominated the basketball tournaments finals. There is a move in Iowa every year to break up Catholic high schools because they can recruit more widely. Easier than changing the college scene, I suppose.

The Notre Dame women could not lose since their Fighting Irish star late-game scorer had such a common Irish name, Arike Ogunbowale.

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