And then I wrote...

by Dick Schilling, "Editor Emeritus"

... that say what you will about President Trump’s strengths or weaknesses, it is hard to deny that his name has the power to promote some previously little known females to national fame ... or infamy, perhaps.

First we were treated to the appearance of a porn movie performer who, through lawsuits, has become nationally known, and whose performance fees have skyrocketed as a result.

Now comes a third grade comedienne who maybe was known only to late night TV viewers. She was hired by the national press for their annual gathering and reportedly unleashed an obscenity laced and racist attack against a couple of Trump’s associates who were present. Next morning, the entire sentient world learned her name.


While the United States is accused, with some truth, of not having entirely succeeded in its effort to eliminate racial or class discrimination, despite laws against it, it might be well to note that we are not alone.

A recent article in one of the dailies reported that India’s caste system is still alive and well, despite legal efforts to kill it.

And a book which I have just started looks as if it promises to debunk the claim that Great Britain’s citizens of the empire living outside of England enjoyed the same status as those in the home country. Despite the fact that they were able to move from place to place with little interference, once they arrived in England, they were treated as second class citizens, both in living arrangements and salaries.

All of which proves it may be a universal truth that discrimination has to be individual and all the laws in the land won’t change that.

By the time you are reading this, we have gone past two important dates of May.

May 1 is celebrated by Soviet communists as marking their takeover, and May 5, Cinco de Mayo, by Mexico as a date of independence.

May Day, or in French m’ aider, or “help me,” may last all month as a plea in this troubled world.

Another thing I like about sports: Unpredictability.

Milwaukee came to play the Cubs while on an eight game winning streak, and proceeded to lose four in a row.

Michigan’s baseball team came to play Iowa while unbeaten in league play and on a 20-game winning streak. Iowa won two of three.

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