Letter to the Editor: One-mile strip of concrete

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the one supervisor who recognizes that remote camping will always be remote camping. It was that way when the tents were there, and no amount of pressure should ever try to normalize an area that is not normal. Traffic count can be faked. Where does the traffic go at the end of a one-mile ribbon? Does it end at the end of the rainbow, or at the end of the other one-mile strip - the field of dreams?

When getting my hair cut recently, my beautician commented that she noticed a couple of black hairs - that I must be getting ready for my next life. November 21, when I picked up my mail, I said, “Oh, my first hate mail!” It turned out it was a thank you note.

It did my heart good to see Matt Brandt call out the editor for printing what he thought was hate speech. I thought now that the elections are over, some of the political narrative could well be toned down.

On another side of the coin, I saw an article in Readers Digest written by a local person. The message: “Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it is all small stuff.” It would do your heart good to also read it, and think about the true meaning of life. The article is on page 27, just so you don’t have to read the whole book.

When we have a problem on a project, let us work together and get it solved. I’ve always noticed when returning from visits to other parts of the country how exhilarating it is to view the green grass, green trees, corn and bean fields, cattle relaxing in wide-open pastures and “friends”. It is my opinion that this is still the best place in the world, or the best kept secret, and no one-mile strip of concrete can make it that much better.


Herb Larkin


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