Family of Bob Heffern establishes “Get Your Rear in Gear” Memorial Scholarship for Wellness Center membership

Bob Heffern ... Submitted photo.

The Waukon Wellness Center, together with the family of Bob Heffern, is happy to sponsor a scholarship opportunity in his memory that will be distributed to an individual (or individuals) 62 years of age or older who exemplify the qualities and ideals of Bob Heffern and his perseverance and dedication to wellness. The scholarship will be presented as a one-year membership to the Waukon Wellness Center.

Individuals may apply on behalf of themselves and/or may also nominate an individual whom they believe would benefit from, and utilize, a membership to the Waukon Wellness Center. Applications should be submitted to the Waukon Wellness Center no later than April 30 of this year.

Bob Heffern and his wife, Bernadine, were lifelong members of the local community. Together they raised nine children on a farm near Harpers Ferry where they owned and operated a dairy and beef farm. Faith, family and friends were undeniably uppermost on Bob’s list each and every day of his life, always there to lend a hand to a neighbor or stranger alike.

Bob’s solid work ethic, which he displayed and ingrained in his children, was yet another wonderful attribute he possessed. In his farming days, quite strenuous daily exercise was a given with milking cows and raising beef cows from dawn past dark. However, later in life, he and Bernadine moved to Waukon and found themselves a bit more inactive than they were on the farm.

Knowing the importance of “moving” in order to keep body and mind healthy, Bob discovered the Waukon Wellness Center and never looked back. He and Bernie both experienced the convenience and benefits of exercise at the Waukon Wellness Center until Bernie’s health waned in 2008. After Bernie’s death, Bob further sought comfort in the “social aspect” of the Wellness Center in addition to his daily exercise routine of walking and weights, many times visiting the Center two or more times a day.

Bob was always the first to promote the Wellness Center and tell others of its benefits, encouraging them in his own subtle way to take charge of their health and “move it!” Sometimes to those he knew well, he was not so subtle and he may have said something to the effect of, “Get Your Rear In Gear!” As a result, that mantra became the name of this memorial scholarship created by Bob’s family to honor their father and his dedication to faith, family and friends. Bob also had wisdom in knowing that  health, strength and wellness are of vital importance to truly enjoy all three of those things most important in his life.

For anyone interested in applying and/or who would like to nominate someone for the Bob Heffern “Get Your Rear In Gear” Memorial Scholarship, applications are available online at, through the Center’s social media presence or to be picked up at the Waukon Wellness Center.

Completed applications should be submitted on or before April 30 of this year and scholarship recipients will be considered in accordance with the aforementioned qualities and ideals displayed by Bob Heffern throughout his life.

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