Lansing Housing Products part of award presentation during National Window Safety Week ...

Falls from windows are a very real hazard facing children in every city in the United States. During National Window Safety Week, the National Association for Child Window Safety (NACWS) recognized Lendlease Communities, at their New York headquarters, for their pro-active efforts to prevent child window falls. Lendlease, with over 40,000 military family residential units, has begun installing child safety screens that are manufactured by Lansing Housing Products in Lansing. Pictured above at the award presentation are, left to right, Lansing Housing Products President Brian Houlihan, NACWS Executive Director Jim Graham, Lendlease Communities Managing Director Claire Johnston and Lendlease Communities National Director of Environmental Health and Safety Dale Moore, who stated they will be installing the new screens across their entire communities’ portfolio.

According to information reported by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, up to 15,000 children fall from windows each year in the United States. The report indicates that these falls result in death to 15 to 20 children annually, while the others suffer from other injuries, including many cases of traumatic brain injury. Lendlease Communities has embraced child window safety screens to prevent falls. According to the NACWS, “There is a reasonable expectation that a child should be safe within his/her own home. There is a reasonable expectation that any window that can be opened, will be opened.” These newly developed safety screens make it possible to protect the children from falls, while allowing the window to be opened for ventilation. Submitted photo.

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