Letter to the Editor: Clearing up Lansing splash pad concerns

To the Editor:

There seems to be some questions and misconceptions concerning how much water the new splash pad will use and how that might affect a household water bill. The good news is that it will not raise anyone’s water bill. The City already has water at the ball field, the South Front Street Park and at all fire hydrants. These are not metered and do not affect household water bills.

There also seems to be another misconception concerning the amount of water that will be used for the splash pad. The splash pad will not run continuously. The splash pad will have a controller and an activator to regulate the amount of water being used. These enable the City to control the hours of operation as well as how many four to eight-minute cycles in an hour that water is cooling young and old on a hot, humid afternoon and early evening.

The equipment for the splash pad has been ordered and if the fund raising is successful, the equipment will be delivered within the next five to six weeks.

Arlen Wonderlich
Lansing Park and Recreation Board

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