Letter to the Editor: Excellent opportunity

To the Editor:

We need Midwest health professionals to be trained in recognizing, diagnosing and treating health problems where the underlying cause or escalation of the problem is due to man-made electromagnetic radiation.

There is a conference being held September 6-8 at Santa Cruz, CA. Speakers from around the world will be taking part in this conference to train health professionals in how to do these. Those who attend will receive 17 continuing medication education credits. This is an excellent opportunity for our health professionals to become trained in how to care for their patients in an environment saturated with electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology. Those who sign up by June 28 will receive an early bird special. Please, do not pass this up!

Currently, our medical professionals are merely addressing the problem at face value and not asking the question as to why this has developed. By not doing this, the problem is never appropriately addressed and ends up only being medicated, ignored or labeled as psychological. I know this through my own life experience.

If I continued down the road our health professionals had me on, I would not be here today. Thankfully, the Good Lord above opened my eyes to truth and I made a decision accordingly and that turned my health around. However, my health has been seriously affected and I am now super sensitive to many things. This could have been avoided. My life could be much different as well as my ability to stay in the work force for another ten years or more.

Our bodies react to electromagnetic radiation as being something harmful, which it is. The body responds by producing biochemical stress proteins. Since we are all uniquely created, each one of us will react differently. Therefore, each one of us needs a health professional to monitor and guide us in how our body is reacting to this stressor and what we personally need to do to aid our body in defending itself.

Electromagnetic radiation can cause and/or escalate many health problems. A few of those are: ADHD, adult and childhood cancers, addictions, anxiety, arrhythmia, arthritis, autism, autoimmune disease, birth defects, brain abnormalities, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, dementia, depression, diabetes, electro hypersensitivity, environmental illnesses, infections, fibromyalgia, headaches, heart irregularities, heart palpitations, memory loss, multiple sclerosis, nausea, psychiatric disorders, restlessness, skin rash, sleep disturbances, tachycardia, toxicity from metals and other pollutants, and many more.

Learn more about this conference by typing ‘EMF Conference’ into your search engine.

Becky Huck


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