Letter to the Editor: We are supposed to be a united nation

To the Editor:

What is the meaning of equal? To some it is just a five-letter word with no meaning!

It should not matter if you are Democrat or Republican. It should not matter your skin color, your religion or your nationality! It should not matter if you are a man or woman. It should not matter if you are a single homeowner or a large company! Equal should mean the same for everyone and everyone should be treated as such!

Can there be any respect for those that know the meaning of equal, but do not think it applies to everyone?

Let me refresh them about the meaning of equal - alike in quantity, value, rank, ability, etc., even, one who or which is equal!

There needs to be a change! Maybe there are other words they need help with the meaning! Knowing the meaning, I guess, does not  mean they are honest enough to follow that meaning!

Honest: without deceit or fraud; upright; sincere.

How can there be trust and respect if there is no equality and honesty from those who spend our tax dollars?

Trust: have confidence in; hope; rely on; believe.

Respect: regard; honor; courtesy; decent.

We are going down the wrong road! Let’s do a u-turn and work together with fairness, equality, honesty for each and everyone of us.

We are supposed to be a united nation! A nation that works together for us all!

United: combined; joined together.

Combined: unify; bring together.

Is any of this happening with our government now?

That is a very important question! One we all need answers to!

Mary Schulte
Allamakee property owner,


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