Letter to the Editor: Benefits of keeping the Lansing swimming pool open

To the Editor:

The people of Lansing wish to express their appreciation to the Park and Rec Board and the City Council for getting the Lansing swimming pool up and running this summer. This is the 50th anniversary of the pool. And as we all know, when you hit 50 (or even sooner), things don’t work quite like they used to.

Although it was a late start, due to technical difficulties, the pool was a godsend for many during the hot days of the last half of the summer. We appreciate  the lifeguards, and past and present pool managers for all their dedication, especially Patty Olson, Beth Galema, Spencer Colsch and Chloe Severson, plus those who work at maintaining a safe pool, like Rick Welsh, who has kept the chemicals and maintenance of the pool up-to-date for 20-plus years.

Running a summer pool is an expensive enterprise and we know that the income from the pool can never equal the expenses created, but there are untold values in having a community pool.

Help us maintain the Lansing pool with its necessary upkeep. The Lansing Water Aerobics group is sponsoring a fundraiser to assist with some of the expenses of the pool. They raised a few dollars during the Fish Days parade, but it will take many more dollars to make keeping the pool open a reality for next summer. If you are interested in donating funds to help maintain the pool for next year, please make your tax deductible donations to Lansing City Hall, Pool Fundraiser, 201 John Street,  Lansing, IA 52151. They may be sent or dropped off.

You may ask, “Why should I care?” Because maintaining a healthy community which thrives on health, caring, fun and companionship makes a better place for everyone. How do you measure the worth of health, fun and companionship?

Learning how to swim is a vital life-saving skill. Without the Lansing pool, people would have to travel a considerable distance to find another pool. Not everyone, especially children, can afford to take the travel time and the expense to go to a distant pool. Thank you for keeping the Lansing Pool open.

Have you ever participated in water aerobics? If not, you are missing out on an activity which has immeasurable benefits. According to Heathfitnessrevolution.com, working in the water increases muscle strength, builds endurance, increases flexibility, offers a low impact workout for rehab, alleviates pressure on the joints, relieves stress, decreases anxiety, burns calories, reduces blood pressure, cools you down on a hot day and offers an opportunity to get to know your neighbors from near and far.

Women and an occasional brave man or two come from Minnesota, Wisconsin and the surrounding area, as well as Lansing, to participate in Lansing Water Aerobics. At times, we had almost 30 people of all ages participating this summer. We sing the praises of those who work tirelessly to keep this facility open. Thank you for keeping the Lansing Pool open.

If you’ve ever gone to the pool and watched the faces of the kids swimming, jumping off the board or swimming laps, you will see pure joy, especially on a humid summer day. Thank you for keeping the Lansing Pool open.

We hope you can also enjoy the First Annual Puppy Paddle scheduled to be held Labor Day, September 2 at 4 p.m.

Whether you go to the Lansing pool for health, fun or companionship; whether you never go to the pool but you know that it brings people to town, you know that it benefits the community as a whole to have a pool. Please consider giving to the Pool Fundraiser so that we can continue to have this great resource. Thank you for helping us to keep the Lansing Pool open.


Susan Cantine-Maxson, Lansing
and the Lansing Water Aerobics Group


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