Letter to the Editor: Support our local hospital and be part of the political process by caucusing in 2020

To the Editor:

How about some good news? Here’s some! At our own local hospital, Veterans Memorial Hospital (VMH), anyone can go to the Wellness Clinic, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., for very inexpensive and comprehensive lab tests. It took me 15 minutes last week for a complete package of lab tests. Call 563-568-3411 for more information.

What a great way to help support our small, hometown hospital, instead of “big box” clinics which charge over $1,000 for fewer tests! Of course, Medicare helps pay for us seniors, but isn’t this part of the reason we hear Medicare is having trouble?

Talking about healthcare, please pay close attention to what Presidential candidates and Iowa Senators and Representatives have to say on this issue. Please caucus! You can present this issue for the party platform and also have a say in which candidate is chosen to run. We need candidates with reasonable plans, not empty promises. (The Standard will inform us in early 2020 of the caucus date, time and locations.)

The right to vote is what people in many other countries are fighting and dying for. It’s up to each of us to participate in this opportunity to be heard. Our votes do count!

Jill K. Stephenson


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