Letter to the Editor: A different outlook

To the Editor:

To the person who threw that book in my van and didn’t have the guts to hand it to me personally or to sign your name, you made me laugh so hard I got the hiccups. That book, a book of fairy tales, was written years before your man jumped into the race and was written by a right wing nut case.

So, I can only presume that you are a person with questionable morals or courage that you would vote for a career sexual predator who brags about it on video. So, you are so proud of your party that you have to sneak around without showing your face, like the person with no courage who sends me nasty lies in the mail but never signs their name.

I fought in combat for this country so you could be and act the way you do, and I’m glad you weren’t in my platoon. Your book ended up in my burn barrel. If you fought for your life in combat, maybe you would have a different outlook on where you are in life and what people really think.

Pat Ward


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