Letter to the Editor: Keep our natural areas in mind when you vote

To the Editor:

How fortunate we are to have one of the largest city parks in Iowa - a well maintained park land for folks to camp, hike, picnic, swim, bird-and-butterfly watch, fish, walk dogs, sit to watch outdoor presentations or play frisbee in a variety of playgrounds. Something for everyone. The south section is especially appealing for hikers and bikers with its mix of prairie plantings, old trees, and stream crossings (dog walkers, please remove your canine’s droppings).

Our country has been a leader in preserving natural areas in counties, states, and throughout the nation. Many of our National Parks are being increasingly threatened with mining, logging and drilling. Do we want these places ruined for our children and grandchildren?

If you are one who values the preservation of natural areas, places where wildlife can survive and humans can be inspired and rejuvenated by the beauty of plants and animals in their natural habitat, keep this in mind when you vote in 2020. Please choose a president who will work to preserve, not destroy, these unique areas. We must also support senators, Representatives, governors and county supervisors who favor preservation over destruction. Let’s all do our homework and know what the candidates truly stand for, and then vote.

September 24 is National Voter Registration Day in Allamakee County. If you are not yet registered to vote, call the County Auditor’s Office in the courthouse for instructions at 563-568-3522.

Jill K. Stephenson


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