Testing of new Remote Siren Activation System set to take place in Allamakee County communities next week

Allamakee County Emergency Management wants to make the public aware that during the week of November 18-22, a newly installed remote warning siren activation system is scheduled to be tested in the Allamakee County communities of Harpers Ferry, Lansing, New Albin, Postville and Waterville. This new system allows the Allamakee County Dispatch Center, located north of Waukon, to activate the above communities’ warning sirens used for severe weather warning notification, thereby expediating the process in which severe weather warnings can be issued for resident safety.

The above communities had always been in charge of sounding their own warning sirens and will still also have that ability to activate their own sirens directly, if necessary. The community of Waukon already has this remote system installed, and that system is now being expanded to the other Allamakee County communities listed above.

Funding was provided for this remote activation system by the Allamakee County E911 Board. The purpose of this notice is to alert residents as to why their community’s siren will be activated during non-normal testing times. This testing will be conducted during times of non-threatening weather conditions.

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