Ballot recount confirms Becker wins EACSD District 2 by narrow margin

A recount of votes cast in the November 5 combined city/school election confirmed that challenger Tony Becker has been elected to the District 2 seat on the Eastern Allamakee Community School District (EACSD) Board of Directors, edging out incumbent candidate Bruce Palmborg by a final confirmed and canvassed 203-201 vote margin. The recount was conducted Tuesday, November 19 after Palmborg made an official request following the initial unofficial and then canvassed vote totals resulted in just a 201-200 vote margin by Becker. He was scheduled to be sworn into that EACSD District 2 seat at the Monday, November 25 board meeting following announcement of the vote recount results.

Allamakee County Auditor Denise Beyer, along with the post-election audit board, also conducted a post-election audit last week, confirming the results of the November 5 city/school elections. Post-election audits are required following all general elections in Iowa. Secretary of State Paul Pate can mandate a post-election audit for any election. Prior to the November 5 elections, Secretary Pate issued a directive to all 99 counties to perform a post-election audit following the election.

“All auditors publicly test their election equipment prior to all elections to confirm the machines are reading ballots correctly. The results of the test are pre-determined and verified during the public test. In addition to this pre-election test, a post-election audit confirms for the public that vote counting equipment worked properly and election results are accurate,” Beyer explained.

The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office randomly selected one precinct in all 99 counties to conduct a post-election audit. County auditors had their Post-Election Audit Boards hand-count ballots in those precincts to ensure the vote totals are accurate. Auditor Beyer stated that “Allamakee County’s post-election audit results matched the machine count.”

“I want all Iowans to feel confident in the integrity of the vote. Post-election audits help add another layer of protection to the process,” Secretary Pate said. Election results are available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website,

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