Not a water main break, water service line repaired in the 500 block of Rossville Road ...

City of Waukon Water Department crews worked with Skyline Construction to address an issue with a water service line in the 500 block of Rossville Road in the southeast portion of Waukon Thursday, January 23. Waukon City Manager Gary Boden said Thursday that Casey’s General Store on the east side of the Rossville Road location had noticed a considerable drop in water pressure and chlorinated water was also discovered in the City’s storm sewer running south from that location that Thursday morning - both indicators of a leak. City of Waukon Water Superintendent Jim Cooper said the issue was not a break or any other issue with the City’s main water line, but that main line still had to be accessed in the west boulevard (as pictured above) to address the problem. The issue, instead, turned out to be a leak within a connecting water service line to Casey’s. Crews dug holes similar to the one pictured above at both the Hardee’s south entrance driveway and the north entrance to Casey’s on the opposite side of the street in order to run a new service line underneath the road without disturbing the road foundation and new paving completed this past summer. Both businesses were limited in the services they were able to offer Thursday while the issue was being resolved, and traffic on Rossville Road was reduced to a single lane for a time. Standard photo by Joe Moses.

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