Letter to the Editor: Celebrating a better home, community and world

To the Editor:

We are celebrating what we did to start the new year. It turns out that it saves us money, keeps more money here to spend in our community, and actually contributes to the health of our climate.  We now get to have our young grandchildren spend the night, which we could not do last winter because it was too cold.

Thanks to the Allamakee Energy District, Winneshiek Energy District and the young people from Green Iowa AmeriCorp who came to evaluate our home environment and install energy saving devices as well as insulation that helps seal air leaks in our house, our house is much more comfortable and we feel much better.

If you would like to save energy dollars, I encourage you to call 563-382-4207, ext. 2. You can also learn more at energydistrict.org/services and by checking out Allamakee Energy District and Winneshiek Energy District on their social media sites.

Wishing all of us a better home, community and world.

Mary Klauke Abbas


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