Letter to the Editor: Setting the record straight

To the Editor:

In her letter to the editor in the February 19 edition of The Standard, Ann L. Hart once again resorts to distortion and misrepresentation of the facts in an effort to discredit the current administration and our Republican senators.

She implies that the tax cuts passed by the Republican Party are responsible for the ballooning deficit and debt. She seems to have little understanding of economics and how Capitalism really works.

There has actually been an increase in revenue due to the tax cuts. That is because more private money was pumped into the economy.  Trillions of dollars that had been in offshore accounts came back into the country and much of it ended up in 401Ks and other retirement accounts held by millions of Americans.

Many companies that had moved their operations overseas because of high taxes have come back to the U.S. because of the tax cuts. The economy is booming like no other time in my life or that of Ms. Hart. I would wager that Ms. Hart is better off financially than she was four years ago.

The real problem is not that we do not have enough revenue, it is that we are spending too much. The Democrats added billions of dollars of discretionary spending to the last budget that was not wanted by the current administration.

I did not hear Ms. Hart or any Democrat complain about the debt created by President Obama that was more than all our previous presidents combined.

The proposed budget will have to be confirmed first by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives and it will be interesting to see what the Iowa delegation proposes for the final bill. I am wondering if they will even have time to take it up since they have been totally focused on impeachment. They delayed for one year passing the USMCA accord which, along with the first phase agreement with the Chinese, will open up many markets for Iowa farmers.

I believe that we need to have leaders in congress who are working for the good of the nation and not focused on trying to destroy the president. All of Iowa’s Democrat Party congressional delegation has been focused on the latter.

Lowell L. Engle
Harpers Ferry


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