Letter to the Editor: 10 Minutes for 10 Years - Census 2020

To the Editor:

The 2020 Census is fast approaching and its success relies on our participation. The Census is conducted every ten years by the US government and is intended to count every person living in the USA. It will include ten questions and will take ten minutes to complete.

When all of us take the ten minutes to complete our Census, we make a significant contribution and impact to our communities. Federal money and congressional representation are determined by total population size, so your Census response assists your community to get its fair share of more than $750 billion per year in federal programs. In addition, Census numbers determine the number of seats our state will have in the US House of Representatives and state allocations for legislative and school districts.

Census Day is April 1, 2020 but you can fill out the Census anytime between March 12th and July 24th by paper, phone, in person or online. The Census is safe, records are kept confidential and no other government agency has the legal right to access census information.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Census so that we can all work together to keep our communities vibrant and healthy!

Check out 2020census.gov

Trisha S. Wilkins, CCAP
Executive Director
Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation


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