Searching for owner of wandering boathouse ...

Since last fall, Bill FitzGerald of Lansing has been trying to find the owner of the boathouse pictured at right (front and rear views) that drifted into his dock property on the banks of the Mississippi River along the north end of Front Street, Lansing. FitzGerald said the boathouse apparently broke free during high water levels late last fall from its original location, which is believed to be somewhere in the Shore Slough area further north of Lansing. FitzGerald said he discovered the boathouse nestled in between the river bank and his boat slips, as pictured in the lower photo, noting the narrow area the structure had to float through to come to rest where it did. He tied it up to an adjacent boat slip to make it more visible to passersby in hopes someone would recognize it and make claim to it. The boathouse was frozen into that location all winter and currently sits in the slip area pictured in the top photo at right.

FitzGerald says efforts have been made through the City of Lansing, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and other local means to try and identify the boathouse and who the owner may be. It was thought the numbers painted or hung on each end of the structure would provide some insight, but so far those efforts have not yielded an owner. Anyone who has any information regarding the boathouse or any other means that could be used to try and find the owner is asked to contact Bill FitzGerald by email at Submitted photos.

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