Allamakee County COVID-19 Statistics

Reported as of Monday, May 4 by Allamakee County and Iowa Public Health

Total confirmed cases to date: 99
Cases requiring hospitalization: 7 total, 4 currently
Deaths due to COVID-19: 3
Cases recovered/off isolation: 63
Cases currently recovering in self-isolation: 29
Number of tests sent to State Hygienic Lab (SHL)**: 122
Number of negative tests processed at SHL: 85
Number of tests pending at SHL: 2

**NOTE: Allamakee County Public Health is not able to track the number of negative tests conducted on Allamakee County residents at reference labs such as Gundersen, Mayo, University of Iowa, etc. All positive tests from these facilities are reported to the Iowa Department of Public Health, who then notifies Allamakee County Public Health to initiate follow-up measures locally.

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