Earns Leadership Award from Main Street Lansing ...

Main Street Lansing awarded its annual Leadership Award to Ellen Modersohn for her numerous efforts during 2019. The Leadership Award is a way to recognize a volunteer who makes significant contributions to Main Street Lansing’s downtown revitalization mission. Modersohn has been instrumental in creating Main Street Lansing’s regular newsletter, as well as informational and fundraising pieces. She provides assistance with the lansingiowa.com website, and if she is unable to do something with the website, she always points the organization to someone who can. She has been one of the key people behind the increased visibility of Main Street Lansing in 2019, and Main Street Lansing is extremely grateful to have someone as resourceful as Modersohn involved in the program and the community.

The Leadership Award is typically presented during the Main Street Lansing Annual Meeting and the winner is also invited to attend the Main Street Iowa Awards, where they receive an additional award from the Governor of Iowa. Both events were canceled this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so Main Street Lansing was unable to present Modersohn her award in a public setting as originally planned.

“We’ll go on record and say that we owe her a meal once the restaurants are allowed to open to the public again,” said Andy Kelleher, Executive Director of Main Street Lansing. “Any organization would be lucky to have Ellen, and we weren’t going to let a global pandemic stop us from recognizing her.” Submitted photo.

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