Wisconsin Hwy. 82 between Iowa and Wisconsin now open to single-lane traffic

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) officials opened Hwy. 82 (more locally known as the Dike Road) connecting Iowa and Wisconsin via the Black Hawk Bridge at Lansing to single-lane traffic as of Thursday, July 2 after several weeks of having the road closed for repair work on some of the smaller slough bridges along that route.

Officials advise that construction work that is part of the overall original project to maintain and upgrade those smaller slough bridges was scheduled to resume Monday, July 6 and will continue until the project’s completion date, which had originally been scheduled for July 31 and will likely need to be extended beyond that original date due to the unanticipated repair work on those bridges that resulted in the road’s complete closure these last several weeks. The remainder of the project will allow for single-lane traffic with a flagger system controlling that traffic until the project is completed.

Motorists are reminded that there is still a detour in place from Genoa to La Crosse via Viroqua in Wisconsin due to extensive work being completed on Wisconsin Hwy. 35. That project is expected to continue through November of this year.

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