Letter to the Editor: How fortunate we are

To the Editor:

I want to say how much I appreciate Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon and Crossing Rivers Health Hospice out of Prairie du Chien, WI for helping alleviate most of the pain and anxiety of a terminal illness for both my husband, Michael, and me.
July 31 of this year Michael was diagnosed at Veterans Memorial Hospital with lung cancer. At age 92 he never considered treatment. He only wanted to stop the pain and the worry for me.

Every one of the hospital and hospice staff was kind, competent and always helpful in guiding us through the dying process. I am extremely grateful for all the caring people who saw us through this ordeal to Michael’s death August 22, and after.

I cannot emphasize enough how fortunate we are to have our own small-town hospital and nearby hospice. A heartfelt expression of my gratitude goes out to all the good folks who have helped us in so many ways. Your kindness is contagious.

Jill Stephenson

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