Letter to the Editor: Unprecedented

To the Editor:

The Lincoln Project, RVAT, Right Side Pac, the Bravery Project, and a 43 Alumni group - what do these organizations all have in common? They are all political PACs started by Republicans for the sole purpose of defeating their own party’s incumbent candidates, while throwing their full support to the Democratic candidates in the 2020 election.

According to their web site, the Lincoln Project is holding accountable those who would violate their oath to the Constitution and who would put individual political operatives before Americans. RVAT is an organization of Republicans, former Republicans, conservatives and those who previously voted for Republican incumbents. Right Side Pac is focusing on targeting voters in battleground states such as Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Bravery Project members identify themselves as conservatives and independents.

The 43 Alumni group, a group of alumni who served under President George W. Bush and other Republican presidents, governors and members of Congress, is supporting the Democratic candidates. This organization states that the nation’s principles matter more than politics. Also, a group of more than 70 former national security officials from former GOP administrations, as well as 100 of the late Senator John McCain’s supporters are fully backing the Democratic candidates for 2020.

Please weigh carefully all the critically important issues our nation is facing before you vote. There has never been an election in the history of our nation where so many high-level officials of one political party have abandoned their own party’s candidates to fully support the candidates of the opposing party. Unprecedented.

Ric and Betty Zarwell


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