Letter to the Editor: All the good things in local agriculture

To the Editor:

One thing the pandemic has led to for me is more fishing with my boys since April, mainly in the Upper Iowa. In April they caught perch, one after another, and just recently we caught a 10 species night on the Upper Iowa. This is such a testament to agriculture and conservation in this county and farmers who care about the land and water quality.

This summer we took a trip to South Dakota and on the way back I couldn’t help but notice how different agriculture is here compared to the vast stretches of corn across the flat parts of the Midwest. This area is so diverse in our farming and conservation practices; while taking a drive a person will likely see pasture, hay, corn, soybeans and CRP in the same view.

On my main drive to Waukon I never paid attention before how each farm was practicing conservation. There is pasture, terraces, buffers, waterways, no-till, cover crops, several farms with patterns of alfalfa and corn, and a well-maintained pollinator field - and that is just on one eight-mile stretch of road in Allamakee County.

So, pick up a pole or take a drive around the country and notice all the good things our area farmers have implemented over the years and are continuing to do. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ross Weymiller
New Albin

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