Letter to the Editor: True facts about the candidates

To the Editor:

Every day the standards of political rhetoric get lower and lower. The 2020 elections are getting ever closer, but even they can be drowned out by the earth-shaking events this year has already thrown our way.

We have to remember that despite the outrage and partisan attacks that dominate the headlines, the upcoming elections have the power to be world-changing too. How do we find clear, unbiased facts on the politicians who will shape the nation’s response to the world of 2020?

With VoteSmart.org, you can find everything you need to know about candidates and elected officials all in one place, with no partisan spin. Vote Smart never takes a stance on partisan issues, accepts no funding from special interests, and requires every boardmember to join the organization with a political opposite. You know with Vote Smart that you’re getting just the facts.

A collection of 9,000 students and staff built a program called ISPY at VoteSmart.org. It contains public records on 11,555 political candidates. Each candidate has six files: Biography, Voting record, Issue positions, Public statements, Special interest ratings, and Campaign contributors. It’s free, fast and accurate. Check out this site if you want to know the true facts about our candidates.

Ann Klees

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