Letter to the Editor: We all deserve good healthcare

To the Editor:

Last week I had my annual physical. That experience got me thinking. I am 63 years old. I pay for my own health insurance each month.

I won’t have to pay any additional costs for my mammogram or physical exam. Women much younger than me do not have to pay for their birth control devices. My husband and I recently got our flu shots, again at no cost to us.

My friends carry their children on their health insurance policies until those young people are 26 years old and can more easily pay for their own health insurance.

I am somewhat at risk so have a colonoscopy every five years. Again with no additional charges.

I am of an age when I remember even with my very expensive insurance, always having to pay something for preventive medical care, but the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obama Care, in 2010 did away with all of that.

Republicans and the current administration have been attacking the protections of the Affordable Care Act for ten years, yet have offered no replacement.  In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing their case to strike down those protections after the elections in November.

We all deserve good healthcare. I am going to vote that way November 3.

Ann L. Hart

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