Fields of Faith draws large crowd to Waukon High School football field amid the challenges of 2020 ...

Nearly ideal weather conditions allowed the ninth annual local Fields of Faith event in Waukon to take place within its traditional setting on the football field at Waukon High School Wednesday, October 7, drawing another large crowd, as evident in the photos above and below. Messages of how faith has impacted their own lives and allowed them to assist others in faith and other aspects of life were shared by a series of five different speakers during the event. Those five are pictured in the individual photos immediately below and included (left to right) Waukon High School seniors Bailey Shafer, Ethan O’Neill, Lainey Erdmann and Joe Schwartz, along with Caledonia High School football coach Carl Fruechte. All five shared their own messages of faith derived from their variety of life experiences, those messages hitting home with the variety of age groups and life experiences represented by those in the audience. Being the coach of the high school football team with the longest active win streak in the nation at nearly 70 games that include five consecutive Minnesota High School State Championships, Fruechte’s message acknowledged that people are pulled in all different directions in their lives - especially now, but he noted that the keys to his success not only as a football coach but also in overcoming challenges in his own personal life have stemmed from rededicating himself to his faith in Christ and surrounding himself with good people whose focus is on one another rather than on themselves and their own personal gains. Fruechte noted that the devil is the great deceiver, and in those times when people feel they are not worthy or when they have sinned, it is the devil testing their strength and it is in those times when people need to turn to the Lord and the support of others the most. Bolstered by the local Fields of Faith team (pictured in the bottom photo below) that helped organize and promote this year’s event, along with pastors and other support staff from area congregations, a call was issued to those in the crowd who wished to strengthen their faith in an effort to improve any or all aspects of their lives. For more information on Fields of Faith, visit or the social media presence of Fields of Faith Waukon.

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