Letter to the Editor: Pivotal points to ponder

To the Editor:

As we, the American people, approach our 2020 elections, we must be discerning in the battle to preserve America and to protect the future for our children and posterity.

This election goes far beyond the two men running for President. Never has there been a more stark contrast between the two parties they represent. It is imperative to look beyond our pet peeves or a one-issue focus and to grasp the “whole plan with purpose” of each major party regarding America and her future. There are defining differences in philosophy, agenda and vision. You must consider not only the candidates, but also the issues their party supports.

Defining contrasts of each party are revealed by their stated positions on two critical issues. Those issues are 1) the sanctity of life, and 2) our Constitutional Republic, which provides our freedoms, including religious liberty, founded in Judeo-Christian values. Thomas Jefferson said, “God who gave us life gave us liberty”.

One defining issue is a belief in the sanctity of life. Compassion is heralded as a key word in our society. Certainly, in the true sense, compassion should include the protection of, and the support for, the most innocent and the most vulnerable persons in our society - the unborn potential future citizens of our country.

So you say that you love children. Great! Now keep in perspective that every single child first lived in the “womb of development”. Do you know that 60 million unborn children lost their lives through abortion? Certainly their human lives should matter.

Someone might say that there are other issues more important than life. Let me present a question. “How would your life look if your mother had chosen to abort you? - out of what should have been the safest room in the world: the “womb of human growth and development”. If that had happened, (thankfully it didn’t), now tell me what issues would matter to you. Well, not a single one, of course! Your life matters.

Pro-life means we support the sanctity of life, especially of the vulnerable unborn babies. The Republican Party supports life and sees the atrocity of abortion and fully supports protecting the life of the unborn. Contrast this stand with the liberal Democrats who made their party’s position quite clear: “any pro-life candidate is not welcome.” Their candidates fully endorse abortion right up to birth.

Now contemplate these defining words at the 2020 Republican National Convention of Sister D. Byrne, who served 29 years in our military as a doctor and a surgeon before she entered her order in 2002. I quote: “As followers of Christ, we are called to stand up for life. Life begins at conception.”

Ponder now a second defining issue in our 2020 election. The issue regards our form of government, which protects our freedoms and preserves the future of America. For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a major political party (Democrat) that has fully embraced socialism and joined with Muslims in opposing what our country was founded upon, and remains as - a Constitutional Republic. James Madison, known as the Father of our Constitution and an author of our Bill of Rights, said, “We, the people, are the government.”

Our republic endorses individuals’ rights, including the right to speak, freedom of religion, and to peacefully assemble. A republic is a government of and for the people. Contrast that with socialism in which government controls the people. They have no rights other than from the state. The socialism model has no room for God. It appears that this group, energized by the Marxist-led left, is in control of the Democrat party. Even now, we are watching moves happen right out of the Marxist strategy book.

America has endured having sections of our cities burn, stores and businesses and churches being looted and destroyed, and monuments of great leaders in American history being defaced or worse. We must learn from our past, not erase it. And, yes, citizens have died in this chaos purposely produced and fanned by the radical left.

To the contrary, we must support law and order to insure a safe neighborhood and country. Property, as well as people’s lives, must be protected.

With due respect, I wish to make honorable mention in memory of late Mr. B. Trimmell of Milwaukee, WI. He was an honorable citizen and businessman who was shot and killed in broad daylight July 23, 2020. He was a black man - where was the outcry? Yes, his life mattered, just as much as yours or anyone else’s. Let us speak the truth. All lives matter - born and unborn. God loves everyone.

God is not to be omitted from the 2020 election of our nation’s leaders. Know that God has a plan for America and an agenda. Study the current agendas and track records of our two parties regarding life, freedom, and law and order. Who is on the Lord’s side? Choose wisely when you vote. Every vote matters in the determination of our country’s direction. Cast your vote for leaders who value the sanctity of life (born and unborn), uphold our Constitutional Republic and freedoms, enforce law and order to keep us safe and secure, and will fight for you.

Be honest. Do you support the tenet that all children, born and unborn, have a God-given right to life? That should clearly define your vote for life. Do you value your freedoms defined in our U.S. Constitution? That also should define your vote for a republic with religious liberty. The choice is clear. Only one party supports and endorses each of these key components of life and liberty. The contrasting party supports and promotes the stark opposite - death by abortion and socialism.

The stakes are high in this 2020 election. Make your vote count for life, faith, freedom, and for America’s future.

Thoughtfully submitted,

Harriet Sharp


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