Letter to the Editor: To the Waukon community

To the Editor:

With all of the turmoil and unrest in the world today, I wanted to take a moment and recognize an excellent teacher and community member who is making a very positive impact in our school and community, Ms. Sarah Bieber.

As many of you have most likely noticed, anytime there is a community event, whether it be a parade, trunk-or-treat,  community visits, or singing at holiday events, she is there with her students adding to the event and teaching the kids how important it is for them to be involved with positive things in the community.

I also wanted to share how dedicated she is to the kids and the Waukon High School music program. With all of the COVID stuff going on, it would have been very easy and understandable to lay back and not fight for concerts, musicals and community events. I watched as she fought for the program and kids, often without a ton of support, to give them the experiences of performing that makes them into good all-around people and being out in our excellent town volunteering in our community sharing their talents.

Sincerely and affectionately,
Adam Hooten
Appreciative Waukon community member and parent of a Waukon High School choir student