Letter to the Editor: Please wear a face mask

To the Editor:

As all the doctors said in their opening statements in their letters to save lives and “our” greatest fight against COVID-19.

We just have to show a little respect for others and ourselves. We put stop signs at our street intersections to keep us and others from colliding with others. We put signs up: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. I have to wear a seatbelt while driving. I cannot be under the influence of alcohol while driving. I cannot come into your place of business and light up a smoke. When I go onto a construction site I have to have safety glasses and a hard hat. When the pig producers go into their facility they have to shower and suit up and wash their clothes afterwards.

If we do this much for hogs, can’t we at least do this for our fellow human beings?

The American flag is made of a fabric that is Red, White and Blue; maybe to stand for Republican, Democrat and honesty (purity). Some of that very same fabric is used in making face masks, which helps us all as citizens of this “Great U.S. of A”.

I know what it’s like to work 12 hour shifts for 22 straight days, so I can’t imagine what our nurses and doctors are going through now. Also, many thanks to our store clerks.

Remember, the Holy Spirit gives us the knowledge and wisdom to believe in the science and doctors to persevere and persist. As we just passed Veterans Day, remember all the sacrifices and heartaches these people endured for us.

So, please remember “Old Glory” and the fabric she’s made of! And can’t we all please, please, please just wear a mask for a few months. It’s the best shot we have until we feasibly get a vaccine mid-summer of 2021.

Mike and Diane Quillin