Letter to the Editor: Reflections regarding our 2020 election

To the Editor:

Now is the time to affirm that, as law abiding citizens of the United States of America, we do subscribe to and submit to the basic tenets of truth, justice, and our Constitutional freedoms.

• Let the Light of Truth expose lies, deception, and fraud. Keep our minds open to welcome truth that is revealed in well-documented, irrefutable evidence gleaned from due diligent investigations.
• Let this 2020 election in all 50 states be reported with right and just results so that justice prevails over any wrong doing. Keep our wills open to accept only lawfully and rightfully-won final pronouncements of victory.
• “Let freedom ring!” (Thank you, Dr. M.L. King, Jr.!) Yes, freedom to speak truth, to print your perspective, and freedom to peacefully assemble together as granted to U.S. citizens in our God inspired Constitution. Recall that 400 years ago, the Pilgrims risked everything to come to this land for the sole purpose of religious freedom. Let our hearts cling to, and fight for, this precious freedom so sacrificially won.

Remember, God is not to be omitted from the 2020 election of the leaders of His country. God has plans and purposes for this nation - for His glory! Our faith is in God, the Maker of Heaven and earth. “The Commander’s judgments are supreme! God’s plans for America will not be overthrown!”

We can still triumph, for God is not late!

• Truth will triumph!
• Justice will come and overcome!
• Freedom will reign and ring out across our great land!
• The Trumpet shall blow louder!

Now is the time - at this season of Christmas! Let us join in celebrating that love came down and dwelt among us.

Harriet Sharp