Letter to the Editor: United efforts for a great nation require sunshine

To the Editor:

A tall tale of disenfranchised voters, lost poll books, rushing waters, two o’clock voting questions, rich oyster suppers and expensive refreshments, risk taking and shenanigans, threatened violence and a wet horse? Is this current events? Thanks to Vicki Calbreath and  Attorney M. A. Harmon and Edwin C. Bailey I think that I know the answer. By the way, where is Moneek?

In 1974, I first heard “then” candidate for Iowa U.S. House of Representatives Grassley speak when I was a 14-year-old 4-Her attending a Citizenship trip that I had earned through 4-H. As a boy, I learned about life by living on a dairy farm. Iowa technical school led me into construction and manufacturing and now to be an Iowa miner. I am proud to have played a teeny, tiny part in making the United States an energy independent and carbon emission reducing nation.

I am not a fan of sending U.S. soldiers overseas to protect truckloads of gravel in a desert. My body is worn and beginning to disappoint me.

I do not understand, 18 states can’t get a listen into protecting the value of our vote? I am very grateful when I read or hear that U.S. Senator Grassley and U.S. Senator Ernst and Iowa Governor Reynolds carefully measure their words while the quest for answers to appalling video surveillance and hopefully isolated unrest is ongoing (I hope). Their caution makes me want to believe that the month remaining until the president is inaugurated will be well used. United efforts for a great nation requires open discussions and sunshine. I pray that we all make our best efforts toward that goal.

Thank you,
Greg Larkin


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