Clover Kids get involved in Maze Craze ...

Clover Kids entered the Maze Craze at their last meeting, Saturday, January 16. They started designing their own mazes by making a marble maze on a paper plate, using wax craft sticks to create a unique design for their marble to travel.  Next, the Clover Kids were challenged to use the engineering design process to create a maze for their hexbug, which is a small sensory vibration toy that resembles a small bug, scurrying over any surface and bouncing off walls.

Youth had to imagine, plan and create their design first. Some made ramps, dead ends, roads or a replica of a house, using a variety of craft materials. Then they added the hexbug. As the hexbug scurried around their maze they were able to see what worked and what didn’t work. The youth were then able to improve their design, fixing gaps or adding more obstacles. The most fun was had when adding two or three hexbugs to a maze and watching them race and bounce off each other.

The Clover Kids group is limited in numbers to allow for social distancing with a 4-H at Home option available for youth to complete activities on their own. For more information about 4-H and upcoming activities contact Becky Rea at the Allamakee County Extension and Outreach Office at 563-568-6345 or Submitted photos.

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