Clover Kids turn roboticists ...

Clover Kids turned roboticists after learning about robots and how they can do all kinds of jobs for people. They can go places people can’t, like Mars, or don’t want to, like a sewer. Robots don’t need to take lunch breaks or sleep so they can work 24 hours a day, unlike humans. Robots also do everyday things that humans don’t always have time for, like vacuum.

Clover Kids were challenged to be a roboticist and make an art-bot. The robot would be made out of a hexbug, markers, cup and rubber bands. The goal was to make it color without touching it. This challenge took a lot of trial and error. Clover Kids learned the robot needed to be balanced so it didn’t fall over and the size of the hexbug made a difference. They also had some fun letting the hexbug scurry around in paint and create its own masterpiece, such as pictured above.

The group is limited in numbers to allow for social distancing with a 4-H at Home option available for youth to complete activities on their own. For more information about 4-H and upcoming activities contact Becky Rea at the Allamakee County Extension and Outreach Office at 563-568-6345 or Submitted photo.

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